Queen Diani's Message

(Delivered orally by Lady Tana Tellimen d’Sivis)

4 Olarune 994 YK

To: Larenthian ir’Wynarn
Lurching Tower

Dearest Cousin

Our cousin, Borann, has written to advise of your current predicament, and the circumstances that gave rise to it. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Borann, and I look forward to your reply in which you inform me that she has the bombasity and penchant for exaggeration that sometimes runs in the Brelish side of the family; that you did not, in fact, insult the field commander of the Thranish army; that you did not thereafter refuse a direct order to stand down and instead bodily assaulted said commander with a weapon; and that you did not do so in broad daylight, in the centre of a military camp and in full view of the commander of our allies and a good part of the command structure of the allied effort.

I have not yet heard of any official view being taken of the matter by the Theocracy, and do not expect to for some time. The secrecy of our operations is such that I cannot even advise your poor mother and father of your predicament, and she will likely not know of the matter until your exile has already begun. Assuming you travel to Rhukaan Draal, I assume you will find a pile of letters at the Sivis outpost when you arrive.

I am discussing with Borann making arrangements for an escort to what passes for civilization in Darguun until I can determine your status and whether it will be possible to book passage for you to come home. Really, cousin, I am vexed with you! You know how the anti-royalists paint the family as impulsive and self-indulgent. It is going to be very difficult for me to intercede on your behalf.

Please speak any reply to the good d’Sivis who has told you my message. Due to the sensitive nature of this matter, I have instructed that no message should be written down unless we can be sure that the parchment will be thoroughly destroyed.

Flame keep you, cousin. I remain,

Your loving cousin


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Queen Diani's Message

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