Larenth - 5 Olarune 994 YK

5 Olarune 994

Larenth has been confined to a wagon in the Brelish Camp. As it would neither be seemly for Thranish troops to post guards in the Brelish camp, nor for Brelish troops to guard a Thranish officer, he is under the guard of two monstrous mercenaries in Tharashk livery, a hobgoblin and a minotaur, both of whom are presumably from Droaam.

Larenth continued to act with uncharacteristic hostility to all who spoke with him. As he sat in his wagon, contemplating his predicament, his thoughts were disturbed by the arrival of a young gnomish female, Tana d’Sivis, who delivered to him a message from Queen Diani.

The army began to break camp and Xael (now dangerously unpopular in the Thranish camp) was assigned a Brelish unit under Sgt. Molric Silvervein to assist in checkpoint duty.

7 Olarune 994

Xael’s unit travelled to the east to ensure no traffic was able to view the army as it travelled south. In the process they found and captured two spies.

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Larenth - 5 Olarune 994 YK

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