Koln - Prologue - 979 YK - Karrn

4 Olarune, 979 YK

Lubash was an unmarked member of House Tharashk, and an accomplished dragonshard merchant. Although he was a jhorgun’tall, the members of his branch of the clan had always appeared more human than most, and it was partly for this reason that he was successful at marketing the House’s shards in the human lands of Khorvaire. It was considered quite a coup when he arranged a fat contract with the Karrnathi government. Karrnath was one of the few countries that did not rely on Tharashk mercenaries, and there was little contact between Nation and House. However, every nation could find a use for dragonshards, and as a human-looking member of the house he had been able to exploit that need. It was one of the high points of his life.

Strangely, it also led to one of the low points. It found him travelling in a carriage with his daughter, barely an adult, sitting across from her, watching her weep silently. Their departure could not wait until morning, and the shadows cast by the coach’s lamplight did not quite conceal the bulge of her pregnancy, nearly six months along.

He struggled to find something to say, and opened his mouth to say something, anything, to try to make it better, when suddenly he heard the horses whinny and the carriage lurched to a stop. A horse screamed. He heard the coachman shouting something he could not make out. The carriage lurched forward at a gallop, and he heard a scrabbling sound on the back of the carriage.

It was clear that something was very much amiss, and he drew the longsword that he now wore (axes being too barbaric for a diplomat to carry) and wish you had brought your shield.

The scrabbling Lubash heard was a vampire climbing onto the coach. At first Lubash was able to fight it off, leaving one horse dead in its traces and their coachman clinging to life. The party fled to an inn a couple of blocks away; as they ran they heard the screams of townsfolk as the vampire slaughtered them to regain its power.

The vampire found them at the inn and brought reinforcements. Lubash fought as best he could, but he could do nothing to prevent his daughter being struck viciously across the face with a spiked chain, making her face a bloody ruin. Another of the creatures used its powers to charm her, rendering her helpless, and then it swept in to drain her life. Lubash stepped over her unconscious body and fought on, but there were too many of the creatures and he fell, staring at her form, knowing he had failed as darkeness claimed him…

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Koln - Prologue - 979 YK - Karrn

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