Koln - 7 Vult, 995 YK - Shadow Marches

Morning came. The zombies were vanquished, the sword was quiescent. Having marched all the previous day, and fought all night long, the party was exhausted again. But Koln was determined to press on, and the party marched back to the keep.

They were still an hour out from their destination when they came upon a group of Wind Fists, standing openly on the path, seeking to parley. Their chieftain wished to stop the slaughter of his people by Koln and his friends. He had always been suspicious of Kalarel, and was more than happy to withdraw his people from the keep, and allow Kalarel to fend for himself.

Koln was no diplomat, but eventually they agreed to give the Wind Fists the night to withdraw from the keep. The party would start out fresh again in the morning.

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Koln - 7 Vult, 995 YK - Shadow Marches

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