Koln - 6 Vult, 995 YK - Shadow Marches

Annika had restless dreams. Koln heard her speaking in her delirium, saying things like, “no, no, I don’t want to come, no, stay away! No, I’m not dead yet, I have a family!”

Koln was worried about his mother. Since the druid, Crukul, thought the ritual to release the daelkyr must have at least been delayed by Koln’s recovery of the dragon rib, Koln decided to risk delaying a return to the keep in order to investigate the source of the dark energy. His resolve was only strengthened when zombies, stirred up by the energies, attacked the camp, and his delirious mother had to be restrained to prevent her from fleeing north as fast as she could go.

After most of a day’s travel to the north, they found an ancient temple, which Beoric thought might predate the Dhakaani Empire. They explored the temple and found a trapdoor leading to an underground rectory. After surviving an assault by the restless dead, Koln found an eerie sword, inscribed with runes, which had a large Khyber dragonshard set into the pommel. It was clear that this was the source of the dark energy.

The sword was clearly attracting more of the undead. Beoric felt it could be quieted with a short ritual, but that ritual could only be performed in daylight. The party spent a long, gory night trying to fend off the zombies that were trying to invade the temple; morning could not come quickly enough.

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Koln - 6 Vult, 995 YK - Shadow Marches

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