Koln - 5 Vult, 995 YK - Shadow Marches

The party was spent. It would be another day before they would recovered enough to risk another battle. In the meantime, Krepis, Ket and Beoric joined Koln’s family in the morning.
Beoric and Ket seemed unaffected by the malaise that had beset the village, but Krepis was clearly affected and was irritable.

The party spent the day resting and talking. By dusk they were feeling healed, but many in the party were reluctant to travel by nightfall. Krepis’ mood had improved somewhat over the course of the day, but began to deteriorate again as night fell. Beoric told them that the dark energy had spread, and that the shack they were in was now on the outskirts of it.

The party kept double watches that night.

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Koln - 5 Vult, 995 YK - Shadow Marches

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