Koln - 3 Vult, 992 YK

3 Vult, 995 YK

In the morning, the heroes set out for the burial site of a black dragon, west of the village. According to local lore, it was the grave of the legendary dragon, Vvaraak, and was just the sort of place to attract a scholar like Douvren Staal.

When they arrived, they were attacked by Delphiin, the woman they thought they had rescued from the Wind Fists two days before. She was accompanied by some sort of ghostly apparaition, which summoned demons to attack the party. The heroes prevailed, but when Delphiin was slain it became clear that she was a doppelganger.

On searching the site, the party found Douvren Staal’s corpse. They also found a dragon’s rib wrapped in silk, and a note which said:

“Extract the third rib from the left side, and ensure you take the entire thing. Make sure you bring it back in time for the ritual. – K”

The party returned to the village, where they learned that the ritual might be an attempt to free one of the daelkyr from its prison deep within a keep in Wind Fist territory. The prison is within a ruined hobgoblin keep which was occupied by the daeklyr during an ancient war.

Koln visted Delphiin’s family and advised them that Delphiin was a doppleganger and that the real Delphiin was likely dead.

He also visted Douvren Staal’s widow, Forsindh Staal, and she allowed him to look for clues regarding Douvren’s death in his study. There he found a discarded draft of a note which read:

“It appears that your agent’s suspicions were correct. The Claw is providing assistance to one of the local marcher clans, which appears to be preparing a ritual of some significance. I have not determined the precise nature of the ritual, but I have learned the likely location of one of its components and will attempt to retrieve it in hopes of delaying the Claw’s plans.

“There is another matter of interest, a local boy by the name of Koln. I would consider it a coincidence but for a clear family resemblance. I am not certain what use our master might make of this intelligence, but it seems worth noting in case it becomes important in the future. So far I see no connection between the Koln boy and the Claw, but if they recognize the connection they may attempt to turn it to some mischief.”

Koln took the note without telling the widow of its contents.

On further investigation, Koln learned that there was a ruined keep, deep in Wind Fist territory, which was likely the prison of one of the daelkyr, powerful beings that invaded Eberron in ages past, until they were defeated by orcish druids.

It was likely that the Wind Fist religion was based around this daelkyr. The components of the ritual suggested the Wind Fists might be trying to release the daelkyr from its prison, which would have dire consequences for the people of the region.

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