Information for Players


In order to facilitate this type of gameplay, I will be running the campaign a bit differently from my usual practice:

At least at the beginning, the game will be plot- and characterization-light. You as players will build most of the plot, and develop your characters, by the decisions you have your characters make, and the actions you have your characters take.

I am not expecting heavy characterization in respect of your characters; you can make your backgrounds as light or as detailed as you like. While richer backgrounds give me more to work with, a motivation of “I explore dungeons so I can kill things and take their stuff” is perfectly acceptable.

In order to facilitate players (and their characters) coming into and out of the game at their convenience:

  • The entire campaign will take place in a single city; and
  • I am going to ask the players to agree on an organization that they all belong to; the nature of the organization chosen will explain why you keep going into all of those dungeons and getting into all of those fights. If you already have a character you want to use whose background precludes him from being a part of such an organization, you will have to come up with another reason for your character’s connection to the other characters.


You are free to use any character that you have already created, as long as that character is first level. However, if everyone agrees, some of the encounters may be of the “lair assault” variety, which means this may be a bit more lethal than my other campaigns, and you may have to make new characters from time to time. If that is the way the group decides to go, you might prefer not to use any character that you have become attached to.

You may also create a brand-new first level character from scratch, or select one of the pre-generated characters.

All characters must be legal by fourth edition D&D Rules (as modified by my house rules). If you are having trouble making your character concept work within the rules, talk to me and I will see what I can do.


If you are interested in knowing more about the City of Sharn, or the world it inhabits, you can find the background here. However, it is not necessary to read any of this material to participate in the campaign.


For those not familiar with the rules, the game is designed for you to pick up the rules as you go along. However, if you are interested in reviewing the rules ahead of time, you can find a copy of the basic rules here.

For those who are familiar with fourth edition D&D, you may want to familiarize yourself with my house rules. I am willing to modify or scrap house rules that are not well liked by the players.


I will be running games from my house in Calgary, and anyone who wants to personally attend games is welcome to come. For those unable to do so, you can play over the internet using MapTools 1.3.b89 on a PC or Mac, and talk via Skype.


Anyone who thinks they are interested in playing should let me know, and advise me what email, text or IM address you are willing to give out to the other players. I will circulate those, and you can talk amongst yourselves about what type of organization you want to all belong to.

The options for organizations that spring to mind for me are:

• City Watch – i.e. cops
• Criminal organization
• Private investigators
• Mercenaries Company
• Mercantile House
• Adventurers Guild (An organization of people who seek out adventurer, and are frequently approached by patrons to take on unusual or dangerous jobs. Basically, mercenaries with less focus on killing.)

If you can’t decide, I am going to go with Adventurer’s Guild, which gives a broad range of options for adventure.

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Information for Players

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