Giaus - Interlude

In the weeks and months that followed it became clear that nearly all of Cyre was destroyed. Even those territories that escaped the mists were undefended and were quickly annexed by their neighbors. The royal line of Cyre appeared to have perished, with only Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn, a distant cousin and ambassador to Breland, remaining to speak for Cyre.

Armies of all nations halted offensive operations as word of the disaster in Cyre spread. A growing wave of refugees threatened to overwhelm Cyre’s neighbors. Although the panic began to subside when the mists halted at the former Cyran border, the proud, powerful, ancient nation of Cyre had ceased to exist. These events lifted the diplomatic stalemate, and negotiation by all sides increased significantly.

By 996, real negotiations began at Thronehold, the site where the war had begun. The participants soon reached agreement that recognize Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath, the Talenta Plains, Zilargo, Q’barra, the Lhazaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Eldeen Reaches, Darguun, and Valenar should be recognized as sovereign nations. When the question of Cyre arose, Queen Aurala gave voice to a widespread sentiment:
“Cyre no longer exists.”

The Treaty of Thronehold was finally signed in the late autumn on 11 Aryth, 996 YK.

House Cannith was seriously affected by the Day of Mourning. Cannith had its strongest presence in Cyre, particularly in the City of Eston. It lost its patriarch on that day, Baron Starrin d’Cannith, known as “the Gorgon” for both his intimidating manner and the symbol of his house. But the destruction of the Whitehearth facility, in Eston, claimed the life of not only the baron, but also many of the house’s prominent leaders and dragonmarked heirs.

When the Gorgon died, he left no direct heir or immediate relations. Three claimans to the house leadership emerged: Merrix d’Cannith, based in Sharn; Jorlanna d’Cannith, based in Aundair; and Zorlan d’Cannith, based in Karrnath. With no clear leader among them, the three heirs to the seat of the Gorgon effectively makes them an uneasy triumvirate, over which the lords seneschal have little control.

Each of the pretenders aspires to lead a united Cannith, but between them, they have divided the lords seneschal so evenly that a new patriarch will likely never be chosen. As it stands, the divided leadership makes it increasingly likely that only death or disaster will change the balance of power.

Almost as great as the loss in blood in the destruction of Cyre was the loss of the Whilehold forgehold itself. Whitehearth had been the center of Cannith ingenuity and invention for centuries. Only projects concurrently researched in Sharn by Merrix d’Cannith, grandson of the first Merrix, survived.

The Treaty of Throneold itself was another blow to House Cannith. The treaty brought more than the end of a profitable market: The signatory nations recognized the warforged as a free people, and forbade Cannith from creating more warforged. Having no choice but to agree to the treaty’s terms, the heads of the fractured house returned to their respective homes, plotting in silence while they went through the motions of retooling House Cannith for peace.

Rune was bemused by his newfound freedom; Mika was ecstatic. The loss of friends, family, city and country that she loved had worked a change in her, and she now devoted most of her efforts to healing the refugees, selling all of her beloved toys to help purchase medical supplies and food. Rune insisted that she sell his weapons as well. She refused, so he sold them anyway, and Mika repaid him by building retractable mundane weapons into his arms.

Mika has received several correspondences from Merrix, attempting to induce her to move to Sharn and involve herself more closely with Cannith South, but she has an intense dislike of Merrix and has consistently rebuffed him.

Since 996 you have all three been based in New Cyre, a holding granted by King Boranel in Breland to the Cyran refugees. It was originally a tent city, and to a degree it still is, but construction has been progressing rapidly (particularly on civic, commercial and industrial buildings) and it is growing in economic importance, with most of the dragonmarked houses having outposts or enclaves there. The disease and famine that immediately followed the Mourning has abated somewhat, which is part of why Mika was agreeable to travelling to Sharn to attend a memorial ceremony at the beginning of 998 YK.

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Giaus - Interlude

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