Giaus - 20 Olarune 994 YK - west of Cyre

20 Olarune, 994 YK – Darguun, West of the Fields of Ruin

Gaius Cannith is a scion of House Cannith who has more or less turned away from his house and joined the Cyran army. On the Day of Mourning, he was assigned a detail escorting his cousin, Mika d’Cannith, and her warforged bodyguard, Rune, to observe a prophecy mark that had appeared in a tower on the Darguun side of the border.

The tower was guarded by dolgrims, who had captured the Brelish Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden and his aide, Aric Blacktree, and chained the aide within the prophecy mark. As Gaius and his party approached the tower, so did a pair of Brelish soldiers (the goblin druid Jigjo and the khoravar Valna), and the two parties found themselves as unlikely allies in the battle against the dolgrim.

The Brelish captives were rescued, and Mika read the prophecy:

Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.

A discussion regarding whether the former captives of the dolgrim were now the freed comrades of the Brelish, or the new captives of the Cyrans, was cut off when Brelish and Cyrans were attacked by Emerald Claw agents. By the time the Claw agents had been defeated, the Mourning had descended on the Fields of Ruin to the east. The Brelish and Cyran armies and (they would later discover) the entire nation of Cyre had been completely destroyed, and an ominous grey mist stood at the former Cyran border.

Soon survivors from the battle who had been lucky enough to be fighting west of the mists began to arrive. Too stunned to fight any longer, the enemies went their separate ways: the Thranes and Brelish making for Kennrun under the Lord Major’s command, and Gaius and the remaining Cyrans shadowing the border on their way north. When it became apparent that the entire of Cyre was shrouded in deadly mist, the Cyrans turned west towards Kennrun, where the Lord Major was already beginning to establish the refugee camps that would be Gaius, Mika and Rune’s home for the next four years.

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Giaus - 20 Olarune 994 YK - west of Cyre

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