Erdan - Vult 993 YK - Droaam

In his eighteenth year he was sent with a party of gnoll mercenaries to work on a some sort of project in the gnoll village of Znir. There he was discovered by the elf Iranwynn and her gnomic friend Tana, who freed him. The trio escaped down the Scar River in a leaky boat, which unfortunately sank before they reached the coast. They were picked up by Norneiros and Throar, a pair of orcs allied with House Tharashk, who agreed to help them escape if the trio helped them to investigate the apparent disappearance of a member of the House who was visiting family in the Shadow Marches to the west.

The party travelled by boat to the coast and then hugged the coast going west before travelling upriver into a soggy elm woodland. At the town of Blackroot they discovered that the woman they were looking for, Doria Veledaar, and a number of other villagers had been seized by members of a cult of the daelkyr Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes. They tracked the cult to a cavern complex they led deep into the heart of Khyber, where they found the cultists were using dark magic to corrupt the villagers and convert them to the ways of the cult. They managed to defeat the cult and rescue Doria, but not before a number of members of her family had been converted to cultists and, sadly, killed by the adventurers. Among the people they rescued were an elf fighter, Lorien of the Eldeen Reaches, and an eladrin wizard, Erevan, of Thelanis, the Feywild.

Erdan found and commandeered a leather jerkin formed of chitin and raw muscle and set with dozens of eyes. The Coat of Eyes bonded to his flesh and began communicating its desire to see the world using strange whispers and bursts of alien emotion. Occasionally Erdan could sense the presence of another, alien mind, seemingly held within his own, almost as though it was observing the world through Erdan’s eyes.

The survivors retreated back to the village and helped the villagers to bury their dead. The next morning Erdan, Iranwynn, Tana, Lorien, Erevan and the two orcs set off downriver. They hugged the coast, travelling east toward the City of Sharn, in Breland.

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Erdan - Vult 993 YK - Droaam

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