Death Saves and Injuries


When a character fails one or more death saves but does not die, at the end of the encounter the character makes a saving throw. If the character fails the saving throw, the character receives an injury.

The injury mechanic is similar to the disease mechanic, except that an injury can only worsen if the character fails another death save. The character improves if he makes a Moderate Endurance check at the end of an extended rest (or if another character treating the injured character makes a Moderate Heal check at the end of that extended rest).

The DM assigns the injury based on the type of attack that caused the character to drop to 0 hit points, and the number of death saves that were failed. A character that fails two or three death saves may start at stage 2 or 3 of the appropriate injury track.

The injury track chart is a work in progress. Anyone who want to see a copy of it in its current form can view it here.

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Death Saves and Injuries

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