Coat of Eyes

The Coat is a symbiont item that bonds to the wearer’s flesh when it is donned. The Coat of Eyes can be removed against the item’s will only with the aid of a Remove Affliction ritual, with a –15 penalty to the Heal check.

Crafted by the daelkyr Belashyrra, this leather jerkin is formed from chitin and raw muscle. Dozens of eyes are set across it, taking in everything that happens around the wearer.

The Coat of Eyes is a suit of +1 leather armor.
Enhancement: AC

Property: You gain resist 5 psychic and resist 5 poison.

Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Perception checks but take a –1 penalty to Insight checks.

Property: You gain the ability to speak, read, and write Deep Speech fluently.

Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Change the Coat of Eyes into hide armor (it retains its enhancement and properties).

Power (At-Will): Immediate Interrupt, when you are struck by an effect that would blind you. Negate the blinded condition.

Goals of the Coat of Eyes
✦ Attach itself to a character touched by the Prophecy, who will see the events that shape the future.
✦ Evaluate the bearer and his allies, to assess their usefulness or threat to the daelkyr.
✦ Observe events that enlighten and amuse the daelkyr Belashyrra.

Starting Score 5
Owner gains a level +1d8
Owner observes an event of interest to Belashyrra +1 (maximum 1/day)
Owner discovers a Prophecy Mark +1
Owner kills a Gatekeeper druid +1 (maximum 1/encounter)
Owner covers the Coat of Eyes –1 (initial action, and every hour it remains covered)

Coat of Eyes

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