Character Building Rules

The following rules apply to all characters.

Inherent Bonuses

This campaign uses inherent bonuses.

Bonus Feats

At 5th level you gain Versatile Expertise as a bonus feat.

At 7th level you gain Improved Defences as a bonus feat. You also gain one of Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, or Iron Will as a bonus feat, to be applied to your lowest Non-AC Defense (“NAD”).

Characters with proficiency in any type of heavy armor gain Unarmored Agility as a bonus feat. (This is to mitigate the problems defenders face in scenarios where they are without armor).


The language that is the “common” language may be different in different regions. For a character from any of the Five Nation, “common” means the language of Galifar. For a character from Droaam, or born in Darguun after it became a nation, “common” means “goblin” (if the character already speaks goblin, pick another language). On Sarlona, “common” means Riedran. On Aerenal, “common” means elven. On Argonessen, “common” means draconic.

Because there are so many languages in my campaign, it is easier to learn new languages without using a feat with the Language Training alternative reward.

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Character Building Rules

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