Eberron - Scarred Elf Campaign

Less Adventure Log than Blog

I’ve been ignoring my Obsidian Portal site for a while, mainly because it hasn’t been very useful for disseminating information to players. I’m in pretty frequent contact with the people I play with regularly, and this is quite a bit less efficient than a phone call.

However, for some time I’ve been thinking about running an open (virtual) table, and I’m just about ready to start it. If (when) that happens, this will likely be a better way of disseminating information, particularly because I am expecting to have players of wildly different experience and commitment.

This site will allow me to give players the information they want, and only the information they want, according to their preference. It also grants access to the houserules for anyone who is thinking about joining but is concerned with how I might have corrupted DnD 4th edition.

I’m currently running several parallel campaigns, all of which are set in Eberron, and all of which share a continuity. Since NPCs, and even PCs, can cross-over between campaigns, I have found the wiki format to be more useful for tracking the story than is the Adventure Log. As a result, I am going to use the Adventure log more like a blog, for discussing my design choices and the purpose behind my houserules for those who care.

At some point, in my ample free time, I may take the time to figure out how to start an actual blog elsewhere. If so, I will likely re-post my entries there. I’m going to wait until I prove to myself that I am actually interested in posting regularly and maintaining the site.


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