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Once upon a time I thought I would share information about my campaign with my players online. For ease of reference, I would post houserules, session summaries, relevant exposition, known NPC information, and the like, for those players who were interested in remembering what happened from one session to the next.

None of them took me up on it. It became clear that my posts were more likely to be read by total strangers than by my players. I am so confident that none of my ancient, doddering, luddite players will read this site that I have no compunctions whatsoever about describing them as such. (Go ahead, guys, tell me I’m wrong.)

Since it is now clear that I am writing, first of all, for my own edification, and secondarily, for people who accidentally catch this site in their google search, I am changing my tack. Henceforth, this site will no longer be a log of my campaign. Rather, it will be a rambling, stream-of-consciousness discussion of the choices I made in my campaign, what worked and what didn’t work (call it Campaign: the Commentary), as well as the odd rant inspired by GMing websites because I’m too polite to write thousands of words in their comment section.

So, if you really don’t have anything better to do, you can go to my wiki to read about the campaign(s), or go here to read the commentaries and random rants. I am also, slowly, working on a new campaign setting, on a different part of the site.

Go ahead and leave comments if the site will let you, although you may need to be a member of Obsidian Portal to do so. Just don’t comment on the spoiler blocks until I reveal them. You never know, one of my players might find his way here by accident.

Eberron - Scarred Elf Campaign

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