Pre-generated Characters

Below are several pre-generated characters available for use in the Sharn Campaign. All the characters are ready for play, but also have room for the addition of options such as Backgrounds and Character Themes.

For additional customization, cosmetic matters like name and gender can be easily changed; if you want to change more than that, talk to me about building a character from scratch instead.

Chaedi, Elf Ranger (Archer)
Adran, Eladrin Wizard
Gwenn, Human Paladin
Thoradin, Dwarf Cleric
Adrie, Half-Elf Bard
Pieter, Human Fighter
Nemeia, Tiefling Sorcerer
Finnan, Halfling Rogue
Rain, Razorclaw Shifter Druid
Sark, Half-Orc Ranger (Two-Blade)

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Pre-generated Characters

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